5 Culture Tips That Support Employee Retention

We’re in the midst of a “Shecession” that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic: Caregivers, primarily women, are exiting the workforce in waves. By the numbers, two million women have taken leave since the onset of the pandemic.

A cultural shift is required to support and retain our employees. So what can we do?

Make Work Sustainable

Understand what actually has a negative impact on productivity. Hint: it’s not working from home! Brainstorm what processes have improved since the pandemic began and what can be applied moving forward. Ask employees for feedback on what is working for them.

Rethink How You Communicate

COVID-19 has proved that we have many options when it comes to communication. Diversify your channels. Are you holding too many meetings? Is e-mail your only form of written communication, or do you have a Teams chat or Slack channel? As we move to more options for communicating at work, it’s important to relay the urgency of each message or request.

Create Community Through Transparency

Just because you’re a leader doesn’t mean you need to know all of the answers. However, transparency is a must! Alleviate uncertainty and anxiety by letting employees know what they can expect from you. Welcome employee input while setting the expectation that not every suggestion will be implemented.

Redefine What Productivity Means

Being logged in to a computer for a certain number of hours every day does not necessarily equate to being productive. So what does? Perhaps a project-based accountability method makes more sense. Always communicate expectations for turnaround times and any hours you need employees available for meetings or other purposes.

Provide Emotional Support

Many companies offer development opportunities. How can employers offer support to employees in addition to career development? Mission Propelle can help you develop a program that works for you. Options to explore include emotional intelligence training, conflict management and internal interest groups. Creating a feeling of community greatly increases the likelihood that employees will stay with the organization. Even if employees don’t take advantage of everything you offer, the gesture alone increases satisfaction.

Mission Propelle offers gender equity consulting with a goal of retaining moms and other caregivers in the workforce. Learn more on their website and see how they can help you create this supportive environment at work.

Members can view Mission Propelle’s webinar on the members-only resources page here.

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