American Chartered Bank: Best-In-Class, Again.

At American Chartered Bank, we care for client service as much as the money our depositors put in our trust.    Greenwich Associates, a premier financial services strategic consulting and research firm, surveyed 43,000 business owners and asked them to rate their bank.  And once again this year, American Chartered Bank was rated higher than any other bank:

  • Best in overall satisfaction.
  • Highest percentage of clients likely to refer.
  • Highest percentage of clients that stated their bank treats them with respect -- a bank they trust that delivers on what they promise.
  • The bank was the leader in providing fair and satisfactory resolutions to issues.
  • The Bank’s relationship managers received the top rankings for prompt follow-up, regular client contact, and providing innovative ideas.
  • The Bank ranked best at providing access to top decision makers.
  • Highest percentage of clients that ranked their bank as providing the best credit terms and conditions.
  • The Bank’s treasury management division ranked best in providing the most competitive pricing, the products and services that best fit the clients’ business needs, and tops in accuracy.

We at American Chartered are not just bankers, but owners, with our own capital invested in the Bank.  We work extensively to see our clients succeed, which in turn ensures our own success.   Beyond providing high quality products and services, we do this largely in two ways:  (1) Providing top quality financial advice using our long history of working with thousands of businesses, making sure our clients are growing their businesses in time proven prudent fashion, and (2) Introducing our clients to other business experts in a variety of disciplines:  sales, marketing, operations, human resources, management, finance, (and of course, potential new clients!), to maximize their opportunities and profitability in the marketplace.

If you feel you have a bank –but not a trusted banker – to advise you, we would we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your business, and you can see why our clients rate us Best-In-Class.

Michael Moran, 847-418-3226
Chris Prestegaard, 847-956-3944
Jennifer Roths, 312-492-1111

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