April President’s Message – Wins and Losses

April is here but I want to share with you something that hit me during March Madness.  The absolute darling of Chicago and the nation the past 30 days has been 98- year-old nun Sister Jean, chaplain of the Cinderella Loyola Ramblers Basketball Team.  Of all the press time, interviews and mayhem around her and the team, one quote stuck with me so much that I am writing about it here.

She was asked what advice she would give to anyone who wants to get their prayers answered.  Sister Jean replied, “We have a little slogan where we say: ‘Worship, work, and win.’ And so, you need to do all of those things.  God always hears, but maybe he thinks it’s better for us to do the L instead of the W and we have to accept that.”

What a wise answer and it relates to all of us entrepreneur & family business underdogs.  Keep it simple.  We might lose, but accept and learn from it.  Have your recipe for success but don’t skip anything.

CFBC is here to give you an assist (good basketball pun) as you look for more Ws than Ls.  In the next two months, we have so many activities and programs! I cannot mention them all or I will get in trouble with my editors, but April alone has:

The last 3 sessions for the Leadership Application Course
Marketing Roundtable (April 12th)
HR Roundtable (April 17th)
OBM-X Chicago: Great Game of Business Open Book Management Experience (April 18th)
Community in Forum (April 19th)
ROOTS:  A course for anchoring your business (April 25th)
Finance Round Table (April 26th)

Holy cow is Spring Break over! Visit the events page on the website to see what else is in store.

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