Back to School Season is Here!

Wow, it’s already back-to-school season. This is my favorite time of the year. The weather is awesome, the Bears have a new coach breathing hope into the city, and the Cubs are making another run at the World Series. On top of that, a major portion of the population (school kids) are getting a full one-grade promotion just by stepping back into their schools. It seems that everyone is updating their wardrobes and buying new “school supplies.” However you look at it, it’s a time of great anticipation and high hopes.

By the way, it’s back-to-school season at the CFBC too. Our forums have completed their retreats and are starting a new year. We have a new forum launching this year that is still looking for a member or two. We also have a full slate of educational opportunities planned for Chicago’s business community to help your companies learn and grow. Check out CFBC’s latest brochure of curriculum and programming opportunities for 2018-2019 here.

If you want to further develop your leadership skills, several of our committees have open positions that can use your energy and talents. These committees are fantastic leadership incubators. Not only do you get to experience all sorts of leaders and leadership styles, you’ll have opportunities to lead diverse teams in a friendly atmosphere—without the performance pressures of your for-profit business. Now is the perfect time to get involved.

As my term in the CFBC Executive Committee comes to an end, I want to personally thank Judy for grabbing me by the collar and convincing me to get involved. It has been a true pleasure working with all the CFBC staff, our Strategic Partners, the various committee members and of course, my Executive Committee teammates. I encourage everyone, especially young executives, to get involved in the CFBC leadership process. The opportunities for personal and professional growth are just too great to miss.


Jeff Conner
Chairman of the Board
Chicago Family Business Council | DePaul University

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