As a member of the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council since 1999, Judy joined the staff as Executive Director in 2009 to lead the organization. Judy has long served the EFBC in many areas and played an integral role in the expansion of its membership and affiliation with DePaul University. Judy incorporates her training as a certified Pairs (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) Moderator which complements her wealth of experience in the field of Emotional Intelligence. In 2006, Judy implemented PdEI (Peer development for Emotional Intelligence) into EFBC’s Forums alongside Jim Liautaud, founder of the EFBC.

Before joining the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council, Judy served as the CFO of her family’s Algonquin-based business, MEGAPros, for nearly 12 years. She held full responsibility for all financial management, supervised the performance of office staff, and delivered training on improving efficiencies and customer service. Judy also successfully introduced Forum protocols used at the EFBC into company meetings as standard operating procedures.

Judy brings her passion for team training and mentoring to everything she does and hopes to spread her joy for life to everyone she meets.