Melanie Kuhar, Education Director

Melanie founded Grind to a Halt in 2001 as a spin-off of her precision machining business, Brucher Machining. Grind to a Halt installs durable and attractive skateboard and bike deterrents that are manufactured at Brucher Machining.

Before being involved in the family business, Melanie worked in programming and facility management in Chicago area park districts and a St. Louis area YMCA. In 1988, she moved back to Chicago area from St. Louis when her husband, Scott, joined Brucher Machining to work alongside her father, Mel Brucher. In 1994, Melanie joined the company to do AR/AP, bookkeeping and HR duties. Melanie and Scott purchased Brucher Machining from Melanie’s parents in 1999.

Originally from Naperville, Melanie now resides in the Chicago suburbs with her husband.

When it comes to the EFBC, Melanie has been dedicated from the beginning. She joined Phoenix Forum in 2015 and played an active role in planning and executing events for the organization, including the committee behind the special 25th Anniversary programs. Prior to joining the Board of Directors, she was the chair of the Programming Advisory Panel.

Melanie holds a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University.