Rick Rasmussen, Outreach and Engagement

Rick Rasmussen joined the Entrepreneur and Family Business Council staff in 2019 to support membership engagement and outreach. Prior to joining the EFBC team, Rick was a part of his family business, Telecom Management, Inc. for 31 years with his father and sister. A curious high-learner, Rick has always enjoyed being a part of the business world and how it connects him with other leaders to hear their stories.

Rick has been a member of Audi Forum since 2011 and served in a handful of leadership roles including Forum Moderator, Forum Chair, and as a member of the Marketing and Membership Advisory Panel.

Beyond his passion for business and relationship building, Rick enjoys volunteering with friends or traveling to destinations that give ample opportunity to hike, swim and photograph the world around him.

Originally from the Chicago area, Rick currently resides in Arlington Heights with his wife Jill. Rick graduated from the University of Iowa in 1988.

Favorite quote:
“I am content to walk alone,
but to walk in company of others adds
vigor and passion to the journey.”
– Rumi