Change: Evolutionary, Induced or Proactive?

I recently attended a book signing luncheon for Lisa Dietlin of the Institute of Transformational Philanthropy (some of you will remember Lisa from our UIC days). She has been a great resource to me over the years and my go to person for charity and gifting for our members.

In Lisa’s newest book I Got Hit By A Taxi, But You Look Run Over: Life Lessons about Happiness and Joy, Lisa shares her story of induced change when she got run over by a taxi. As I sat there listening to Lisa speak, I was reminded that induced trauma through a life changing event can be a positive transformational change.

In Lisa’s case, she made a choice to look at the event, reflect on her life, and turn it into gratitude. She decided to make some changes in her life and continue to spread happiness and joy in the world. A truly inspiring story!

I left the event reflecting on my life and the changes that I can choose to make to live a more joyful life. First on my list is a happiness joyful jar to start depositing the things that make me happy and bring me joy. I’m choosing proactive, intentional change in my life. For me, whatever I am doing has to be life giving or I’ll pass on it.

Thank you Lisa for sharing your story (it almost makes we want to try a trapeze!).

Judy Headshot 2015 FINAL
Have a joyful day,
Judy Hogel
CFBC Executive Director

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