Cray, Kaiser Ltd. Testimonial by B.J. Slater

I first got to know Deanna Salo of Cray, Kaiser Ltd. during a number of CFBC events where she is always an active participant.  Deanna always shared freely and warmly supported everyone at these events, which left a positive impression on me.

Like many family businesses, Plant Marvel is in the midst of transitioning from the current generation of leadership to the next.  Navigating the financial aspects of such a transition was particularly puzzling for us. In the midst of the confusion, I reached out to Deanna to see if I could ask her some questions over lunch.  She happily obliged.

During our lunch, Deanna helped me cut right to the core issues and enabled me to identify the major priorities in our succession planning.  She helped me understand the big picture by removing the complexities from our accounting issues and helped us make sense of the other problems in which I had become mired.  I left our meeting with a clear idea of the next steps I needed to take, but more than that, I had a restored sense of clarity and confidence regarding our succession planning efforts.

The expertise and experience Deanna brings to Cray, Kaiser Ltd. is a major asset for all their clients.  I encourage anyone with tax, accounting, or related needs to get to know Deanna and Cray, Kaiser Ltd.

- B.J. Slater, Plant Marvel Laboratories, Inc

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