Creating a Stress-Free Environment at Work

Everyone has stress and we all have our own ways of coping with it. Supporting your employees through their stress can ultimately make them more engaged and motivated to come to the office. Here are some suggestions to get your employees involved, engaged stress-free in the office:

  1. Communicate with your employees. Consider that some of their stress may come from anxieties about the workplace. Are there changes happening in the company that might have employees on edge? Share news and updates on projects so everyone feels in the loop. Source: Business Review USA
  2. Offer massages (or other perks) to your employees. Every once in a while have a massage therapist come into the office to give massages to employees at their desks. CFBC member Mike Baines from Prairie State Packaging brings Better Day Massage into his company once a week. Kristin Lasta, owner of Better Day Massage, says that “a 15-minute massage can reduce stress, make your employees feel cared for and work attendance seems to increase on massage day.” Other perks could be catered lunches or volunteer outings.
  3. Show compassion and empathy. Being emotionally intelligent in the workplace has numerous benefits. One of those benefits is that your employees will feel more connected to you and their job. Take time to understand what is going on in their lives and show that you care. A 2012 study from the University of New South Wales said that the most productive employees have leaders who make an effort "to understand people's motivators, hopes, and difficulties and to create the right support mechanism to allow people to be as good as they can be." Source:

The American Psychological Association says that stressful work environments can contribute to “anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system.” From there, health conditions can become more serious and develop unhealthy habits. Don’t forget that taking the time to care for your employees is important. People should enjoy coming to work and know that the company is there to help them in times of need and stress. Be proactive to eliminate stress for your employees by being empathetic and keeping communication channels open.

Do you have any employee engagement and stress relieving activities? Please share with us!

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