December President’s Message – Family First

OK everyone, it’s alright to listen to holiday music on WLIT now that Thanksgiving is in the rear-view mirror. This holiday message comes from a shared experience in the theme of “Family First.”

My parents had 8 children in 12 years (God Bless them). Once we grew into our 20s, it became difficult to ensure that we would all be together on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The importance of having the entire family together spawned a new holiday in the Hoffman house, and we called it Festivus.

Celebrated on the Saturday before Christmas, it does not have a metal pole, airing of grievances, or feats of strength like Constanza family celebration from Seinfeld. Instead, the grandkids exchange grab bags, receive way too many presents from Grandma and Grandpa Purple, and the aunts and uncles exchange hilarious white elephant gifts. I look forward to it every year! This year, Festivus turns 20 years old, and I am happy to say that not one sibling has ever missed.

It is my sincere hope that all the families of the CFBC share some love, laughter, and cheer this Holiday Season! I will raise a glass on Saturday, December 23rd at Hoffman Festivus to all of your families that make CFBC such a wonderful organization.

Happy Holidays!


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