Deepening Our Roots with Family Business Education

Over the last few months you have probably heard us tease our brand new curriculum, Roots. We’re excited to say that we are done ‘teasing’ and we can officially invite you to the first courses!

What is Roots?

Last year, the CFBC proudly partnered with the Business Families Foundation (BFF); a non-profit organization that supports and helps empower business families to ensure their sustainability and harmony for generations to come.

Through BFF we offer curriculum, known as Roots, to our members and community at large. These courses allow us to dive deeper into family business topics by offering relevant and engaging education on important issues faced by family businesses.

To learn more about BFF, please visit their website and FAQ page.

Sounds great! Is there an intro course?

Roots: A Course for Anchoring Your Business serves as the introduction to the BFF curriculum. In this class you will explore your key to developing a common vocabulary, language, model, and understanding of what makes family businesses unique. Learn the Twelve Best Practices of successful, enduring family owned businesses that prosper over generations. Consider this a “Family Business 101” course where you can learn the basics needed for future growth and success.

Are there any ‘special topics’ courses offered this year?

Yes! We’re excited to welcome Deb Houden from the Family Business Consulting Group to help teach Roots: The Power of Family Meetings in August. We’ll be announcing more information on this course soon, but we look forward to exploring the best ways to have effective family meetings.

More special topics courses will be announced in the coming months (Advisory Boards class coming in the Fall of 2017).

Who should attend Roots courses?

Current family business owners, key non-family leaders working in the business, other family members whether they are employed or not in the business. And we should mention, we believe business is family. Even if you do not have a family business, your business is a family asset. Any and all stakeholders and leaders will benefit from the Roots curriculum.

How will the Roots course help my family business?

Running a business is complicated enough.  When related people join together in a business, there are many opportunities for joy, sorrow, understandings, misunderstanding, communication breakthroughs and breakdowns. Confusion and boundaries arise as family members try to determine which hat they are wearing - shareholder, family member, or business leader.

CFBC’s Roots courses serve as your key to developing a common vocabulary, language, model, and understanding of what makes family businesses unique. The program is designed to help you discover the enduring power and joy of family business, and how to leverage new synergies between your business family and your family businesses.


Please save-the-date for our upcoming Roots courses:

Wednesday, June 15th – Roots: A Course for Anchoring Your Business
Wednesday, August 17th – Roots: The Power of Family Meetings
Tuesday, September 27thRoots: A Course for Anchoring Your Business
Tuesday, February 28thRoots: A Course for Anchoring Your Business

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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