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This past spring quarter, our EFBC members had a unique opportunity to participate in the DePaul's MGT 584 course on Consulting Skills. The courses main project asked students to use their business-related skills learnt in class and to apply them to a real-world scenario; they engaged and interacted with local businesses on developing and recommending tangible solutions. It's a win-win experience for all involved. The students gained knowledge about consulting and invaluable experience and the participating business owners were able to add value to their organization by receiving valuable information and actionable solutions that the company seeks. The process is professional, respectful and cooperative as both sides worked to find solutions to the common agreed-upon goal.

As the course has ended, we decided to ask our members, who volunteered for the Consulting project, to share their experience and greatest takeaways from working with student teams. And here's what they shared with us:

- Paula Broutman, President of Performance Plus

"We are always working on improving our efficiencies and we have a lot of projects we are working on in order to reach that goal.  It was so nice to get the help and insight of the students to help us work on 2 of our most pressing projects.  They took a lot off our plate and gave us something useful to work with going forward.  They were all inquisitive and eager to learn about my business and how they could help.  I would highly recommend working with this class!"

Nisha Patel, Human Resource Director of Systematics

"By participating in working with the DePaul Management 584 Consulting class, I was provided with non-biased research and results to help identify the root cause of our challenges and potential solutions of how to resolve the issue.  A key benefit in working with this course was that I was provided with the solutions, and all I had to do was implement it."

- Juan Calaharron, Operations Director of Hispanic American Construction Industry Association (HACIA)

"I want to thank the DePaul Management 584 Consulting Skills Team for providing HACIA with an outstanding assessment, evaluation and recommendations regarding the HACIA Culture, I know it was challenging but they were able to work through it and provide their report.  HACIA is looking to take the next steps on the recommendations provided.  We hope that this assignment was valuable and worthwhile to the students and we wish them all the success in their future careers."

Goran KuljaninAssistant Professor at DePaul's Department of Management & Entrepreneurship, shared his perspective on the benefit of having our members and business owners participate in the class project. Here's what he says:

"EFBC members provided an invaluable experience to student consulting teams in DePaul's MGT 584: Consulting Skills course," - Goran says. "Students were able to work on a variety of in-demand and challenging business problems such as employee recruitment and retention and developing effective organizational cultures. Students from the course really appreciated how much they were able to develop their consulting skills by applying course content to real business problems!"

The MGT 584 Consulting Class is popular among business students and there will be more upcoming Consulting Projects during next school year. For our EFBC members: Don't miss out on this great opportunity in the future. If you want to take an advantage of an outsider's perspective on your company's particular issues, while giving DePaul students a chance to get involved with the community by working with real organizations, we highly recommend getting involved!

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