Finance Executive Roundtable

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 8:00 am
Krusinski Construction Company
2107 Swift Drive
Oak Brook
United States

Have you ever wanted to share and learn finance best practices among peers? The CFBC is hosting quarterly small roundtable meetings for finance executives to share best practices and challenges they face. Each meeting will allow the conversation to evolve as we all try and improve our skills. We welcome finance professionals from all industries to share knowledge and support each other through our challenges and successes.

Here are some topics we've addressed in the past:

How do I bring the financial story to management when management always wants more financial information?
What's the best way to create an actionable plan that matters to stakeholders and will actually make a difference?
What is your process to close? What is your timetable to close?
When and why is cash flow modeling needed?
What is the financial literacy of your organization? How do you play interpreter to stakeholders?

Limited spots are available. Email for more information.