HR Roundtable

Friday, November 15, 2019 8:00 am
Cray, Kaiser Ltd.
1901 S. Meyers Road
Oak Brook Terrace
United States

Do you or your employees have a desire to share human capital best practices among peers?

The EFBC hosts quarterly roundtable meetings for employees who handle HR to share best practices and challenges they face. Each meeting will allow the conversation to evolve as we improve our skills and knowledge. We welcome HR professionals from all industries and experience levels.

We'll be discussing the changes to the IL Equal Pay Act (Public Act 101-0177 goes into effect September 29, 2019). We'll also discuss new Cannabis laws that go into effect on January 1, 2020.

Rachel Yarch of Burke, Warren, MacKay, and Serritella will give us an overview of the changes going into effect and how they'll affect your business. Jay Weisenfels of Porcaro, Stolarek, and Mete Partners will help us understand how we can change our approach to HR/Recruiting to stay compliant. 

Highlights of the IL Equal Pay Act:

  • Illinois companies will no longer be allowed to ask job applicants or their previous employers about salary history.
  • The No Salary History law, which will go into effect on September 30, 2019, strengthens the Illinois Equal Pay Act by prohibiting employers from asking job applicants about their past wages during the hiring process.
  • The Act specifically prohibits employers, among other things, from screening job applicants based on their current or prior wages or salary histories, from requesting or requiring applicants to disclose wage or salary history, and from requesting such information from any current or former employer.
  • Employers who violate the prohibition on inquiring about salary history may be held liable for “special damages” of up to $10,000 and additional compensatory damages.
  • In advance of this new law going into effect later this year, all employers should review their hiring practices and train personnel involved in hiring to avoid inquiring about an applicant’s compensation and benefit history.

This Roundtable is designed for you! Share with us any additional HR topics that are on your mind and we will add them to the agenda.

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