Great Game of Business: Open Book Management Experience x Chicago

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 8:00 am
Tasty Catering
1900 W Touhy Ave
Elk Grove Village
United States

What impact would a 6x increase in profit growth have on your business? How would your company culture improve if your employees were significantly more engaged? How different would your company look if you doubled revenue growth?

The Open-Book Management Experience - Chicago (OBMx - Chicago) was created in collaboration with long-time Great Game practitioner, Tasty Catering.

The team at Tasty Catering Great Game of Business journey started in 2011. Since then, they've been busy mastering GGOB's open-book management practices and principles. Over the years they've seen tremendous success financially and culturally. They even become part of The Annual Gathering of Games All-Star team in 2014. Read the case study here.

During The OBMx-Chicago, participants will be led through engaging training sessions, take a tour of Tasty Caterings facility, observe their engaging and interactive company Huddle, and network with participants and trainers. Attendees will get to see exactly how a successful company plays The Great Game.


  • Learn all about The Great Game of Business during the full GGOB Overview.
  • Observe how employees engage with the numbers at a live Tasty Catering Huddle.
  • Witness the interworkings of a long-time GGOB practitioner during the facility tour.
  • Network with participants and GGOB trainers over dinner and drinks.
  • Ask questions about The Game at an employee Q&A session.
  • Take advantage of a free 30-Minute coaching session.

Tasty Catering's success and their top-notch GGOB practices led Great Game and Tasty to partner-up twice a year and help others experience how companies can successfully play and sustain an open-book management culture.