Sales Roundtable

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 8:00 am
GCG Financial
3 Parkway North
United States

Salespeople. They have a lot of inherent talent but are also equipped with the skills they have learned throughout their careers. They say "sales isn't for everyone," so hiring sales talent can be a tricky task. Do they have the personality, the drive? If you detect areas of improvement, do they have the potential to fill those gaps? For an entry-level sales position, what boxes must be checked for this candidate?

Considering how much weight falls on sales in a business, it's highly important to hire people with the right skills or the ability to learn the skills effectively and efficiently. For the upcoming Sales Roundtable on Tuesday, March 13th, we will discuss shared experiences in hiring, training and continuously improving salespeople.

If you're working on expanding your sales department or think your sales people could use some refreshing new techniques and training, chime in to the CFBC Sales Roundtable Discussion focusing on Salespeople Development.

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