Sales Roundtable

Friday, September 29, 2017 8:00 am

Sales determine the success and growth of a business. There are thousands of guides and methods, so how do you know what works best for your company and your industry? What information is outdated considering how quickly the buying process is changing? Most importantly, how do you attract the leads that have the most potential?

The Sales Roundtable on Friday, September 29 will focus on Lead Generation, a key step in increasing sales. There is so much information circulating to your future customers daily—Find out how to cut through the noise and build relationships with the individuals who would be interested in your product or service. Discuss your personal sales challenges and successes, and learn what works for your peers.

If you're proud of your lead generation strategy and could offer valuable insight, or if this is an area in need of improvement, you will be a great addition to this CFBC Roundtable.

The Importance of Lead Generation
Generating leads is that initial breakthrough where a potential customer is engaged enough to provide you with their information and begin a dialogue. As the first major step in the sales process, it is naturally hard to take the leap. The quality (and quantity) of your leads will dictate the rest of your sales performance. Additionally, this practice spans both the sales and marketing plans for your business. Your website, landing pages, e-mails, advertisements, employees and more all play a role.

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