Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast: Innovating in the Age of Acceleration

Thursday, October 3, 2019 4:00 pm
Klairmont Kollections
3117 N Knox Ave

We live in a time of massive challenge, and yet one of massive opportunity, with every industry and organization impacted by business model disruption, the emergence of new competitors, the impact of technology, the collapse of product lifecycle, political volatility and ever-more challenging customers.

Those very things which might worked for us in the past might be the very anchors that could now hold us back as the future rushes at us with ever increasing speed. In the era of Uber, Tesla and Amazon, leaders must have the insight into unique opportunities for innovation and change. Futurist Jim Carrol provides a customized overview of the key trends impacting your organization, and invaluable leadership lessons that provide a clear path for going forward.


Jim Carroll futurist speakerAbout Jim Carroll
For close to 20 years, Carroll has been studying what makes companies relentlessly creative and how they ride critical fast-paced trends to achieve dramatic market success.  More than 2 million people have shared his insight with his events on stage, taking in his ability to inspire audiences through a combination of deep insight, on-stage humor and motivational guidance, all grounded in deep observations on future trends. He provides guidance that is timely and unique: how to realign business strategy for fast-paced economic trends and new business realities; a realistic outline of the emerging trends, threats and opportunities that will impact your organization; how to become a more forward thinking organization that can anticipate and manage change, rather than reacting to it; and guidance on how to do things differently in a world that demands constant, relentless innovation.

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