President’s Message – Honoring Our Past, Building Our Future

Last month, Nirel Inman and I had the opportunity to host the annual EFBC Past President’s Dinner in Rosemont. This was my fourth time attending this meeting and I always look forward to learning from our wise leaders. The dinner is attended by past presidents tracing back to the very beginning of the organization. It’s powerful to be in a room full of super smart, dedicated leaders who have all contributed countless hours to the formation, direction and success of the EFBC.

With all the structural changes that went into effect this year, there were plenty of questions about how the changes are working. The conversation then turned to the future of the EFBC. As we went around the room, our leaders were sharing their thoughts on what is and isn’t working with: a mentorship initiative, the amount and type of events moving forward, the marketing of events, maximizing our relationship with DePaul University and creating more multi-generational participation within the EFBC. Nirel and I almost couldn’t write our notes fast enough.

While driving home, I was reflecting on the evening and I was once again amazed by the incredible people who make up the EFBC. A room full of leaders who were not interested in waxing philosophical over their glory days. Instead we focused the evening on the future of the EFBC, sharing experiences, listening and learning together—the “secret sauce” of the EFBC. This meeting reminded me that as an organization, we need to focus on our future path while always respecting and remembering our roots.

"We all have the ability, the difference is how we use it."
-Stevie Wonder


Mark Wesa MKD ElectricMark Wesa
MKD Electric
EFBC President 2019-2020

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