The Future is Bright

Updates! Part of our monthly commitment to participating in forum is sharing our “bests” and our “worsts” in our updates. I am appreciative of the process and the intentionality around stopping to recognize both.  2020 has presented a lot of opportunities to choose to see the best or the worst. Seeing the worst isn’t something I need to practice … as part of my passion for continual improvement, I am keen to those opportunities.

On the other hand, I am working on celebrating my “bests” more often. So here it goes … My best of 2020:

Personal best for me has been appreciating quality time with my family, especially on a zoom when my dad thinks he is disconnected but he is very well connected 😊.

My work best is that the people that make up our company have remained safe.  They pulled together and made concerted efforts to support businesses in sectors hard hit by COVID. We ordered food delivery with individually packaged desserts from Tasty Catering, sent care packages with delicious salt water taffy from Primrose Candy, purchased gaiters from Rico Industries, used safety signs and dividers from Systematics, and offered adhesives for their PPE in partnership with Diamond Envelope.

EFBC bests included calling Gina Krusinski of Krusinski Construction Company because we were short a few masks when first needed and couldn’t operate without them. Not only did Gina meet me early to give us enough masks until our order arrived, but she also added ear savers, which I now refer to as headache savers. Gina and KCC are life savers. I have leaned on the EFBC’s staff, strategic partners, programming, members, and Phoenix forum more this year than I have in my last seven years as an EFBC member combined. The people in the EFBC community not only come through every time, but go above and beyond.

I am inspired by these six individuals and their companies that did not let COVID slow down their development and joined the EFBC during this pandemic. A big socially distant welcome to Greg Pellegrino of Perishable Sales, Darrin Shillair of Specialty Sales LLC, Joe Amrein of Glenrock Company, Ernest Swierk of Rainbow Property Maintenance, Michael Cantarutti of Emium Lighting, and Michelle Quinn of Nuance Solutions.

Another positive from this year is Neil O’Donnell of Progressive Industries stepping up to become EFBC Vice President on our Board of Directors and Executive Committee. He brings new ideas, questions, and great energy. We are fortunate and grateful to have his 13+ years of EFBC experience combined with his energy and wisdom. Our future is bright.

Wishing you and yours a very safe, happy, and healthy New Year. Looking forward to lots of bests to celebrate in 2021!


Nirel Inman

Nirel Inman
Co-President, Chicago Glue & Machine
EFBC President 2020-2021

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