How Much Knowledge Can We Pack in a Single Room? We’re About to Find Out!

Join us May 4th for Night of Knowledge with EFBC’s Strategic Partners

You already know continual learning is at the heart of EFBC. In our humble opinion, there is no greater resource than our community for keeping your brain fresh as we openly share insights and experiences, with our Strategic Partners (SPs) being some of our best resources. Is it possible to contain all that knowledge in a single room? Let’s find out! Join us on May 4th from 4:00 – 7:30 pm when our SPs each host a table on a topic they know you need to hear about. Pick two tables to feed your brain and then stick around to feed your stomach with some noshes and your soul with some time connecting with our community. Register HERE.

Can’t decide what tables you should pull up a chair? Here are some of the topics our SPs will be discussing:

ODEA: Finding, Managing and Retaining Rockstar Marketers

Hiring and retaining a great team is a challenge for every biz owner. And for many, marketers are an even bigger struggle as marketing is often a space biz owners are not fully comfortable with themselves. How do you identify the skill set you truly need? How do you manage to specific KPIs? And how in the world do you keep those creative types motivated? Finding, managing and keeping rockstar marketers – when there are so few in the world – can seem daunting. Join our table as we share strategies, best practices, and a few words of warning – like stop looking for an all-in-one unicorn! - Patty Rioux, President

Psyched!: High-Performing Workforce

It's tough enough to incent the workforce during the good times.  But, what about during economic downturns and tight labor markets?  Fortunately, whether high times or low, the activity required to improve chances for individual and organizational success is the same.  Join us in the conversation of workforce high performance comprising skills development, agility improvement and value recognition.  The key is to energize and inspire people who have or want to develop the critical knowledge, skills and characteristics that align with and contribute to organizational success.  Let’s get Psyched about recognizing and rewarding a high-performing workforce! - George Karavattuveetil, President and Founder

Cray Kaiser: Exit Planning

Are you considering sharing ownership with your Next Gen leadership? Or maybe you are considering exiting your business altogether? The reality is it’s more than your business – it’s your life’s work. That’s why exit planning is so important – and so difficult. Join our table as we make it a little easier as we discuss the accounting and tax planning that should be a part of your planning process and share experiences from prior transactions. - Karen Snodgrass, Principal

Private Vista: Personal Investment Strategy

Question: Bike Helmets. Personal Investment Strategies. What one very important characteristic do these very different items share in common? Answer: “One Size Fits All” does NOT apply! Not taking the time to properly customize either of these items to your own unique dimensions and circumstances may put you in jeopardy. And the consequences may be simultaneously detrimental and far-reaching.

We can’t speak to the proper way of fitting bike helmets. However, we can provide you with the proper approach to creating a personal investment strategy that is right for you and why it is critical to do so. Join us at our table to learn HOW and which steps to take – and avoid common pitfalls along the way. We will also share with you updated information from the recently passed SECURE 2.0 Act and how the new law presents some excellent new opportunities to enhance and maximize your retirement savings. – Mary Beth McLean, Partner

Fifth Third Bank: Insights on the Economy

What is going on with the economy? Labor and supply shortages, higher inflation, continual fed rate hikes, talk of a pending recession, and now a bank confidence crisis. Can the Fed find the “soft landing” and avoid a recession?  We’ll discuss these issues, share some insights from Fifth Third Bank Chief Economist Jeffrey Korzenik, and how it might impact your business. - Mike Moran, Senior Vice President.

Have we convinced you yet? Check out our events page here and register to attend!

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