Kicking Off the New Year with Executive Director Judy Hogel

It’s a new year for the CFBC and we’re switching things up. This year, we’ve invited our past presidents and members to share their thoughts, feelings, memories and shared experiences in our newsletter each month. We are celebrating 24 years of being together as a community and we want to give you a chance to get to know them a little better.

A year from now will kick off CFBC’s 25th Anniversary! We’re ready to put it into high gear to give you all a year to remember. Stay tuned as we “plant the seeds” for our big anniversary.

In the meantime, I hope to see you all on July 16th at the beautiful Bull Valley Golf Club as we tee off the year. Even if you don’t golf, join us for dinner to relax and celebrate being together.

The Power of Peers: Stepping Out from Forum

Last month, I stepped out from my Forum to participate in a special Community In Forum meeting for a fellow member. We invited members with specific shared experience with succession that could benefit the presenter. I continue to be amazed by our members and how they show up for each other, some on just a few days’ notice. It was such a beneficial opportunity for the presenter and now he is more closely connected to nine other peers that are just a phone call away.

As for me, I always get more than I give. It helped me drill down what is most important to me in planning for our next business transition. My bottom line is maintaining my relationship with Joe, Jeremy, Ellen, Joey and our grandchildren. After all, my “next season” is all about having fun with those I love.

Have a joyful day,

Judy Hogel
Executive Director
Chicago Family Business Council | DePaul University

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