The Keys to Living a Balanced Life

This is the takeaways blog for Lisa Dietlin’s “The Keys to Living a Balanced Life” program on May 5, 2017.

When reflecting on the meaning of happiness and joy, we often assume that both terms represent the same idea. However, Lisa Dietlin defines happiness as a disposition and joy as a state of being. Understanding the difference between the two is instrumental to achieving our goals and living your dreams. It is also core to understanding Lisa’s keys to living a balanced life.

Lisa’s Story

Lisa has been described as a hard-working woman by everyone who knows her. As a thriving business owner, she appeared to have it all. Yet, even though she had everything she could dream of, Lisa was miserable. Through this misery, she would often ask herself: “how can I be happier?”

After experiencing a life changing accident, Lisa improved her approach to life in order to better suit the joy she craved in her work and personal life. This is what led Lisa to create the “Three Things a Day Rule.” It forever changed her way of accomplishing her goals and living her dreams.

Three Things a Day Rule

The “Three Things a Day Rule” involves completing three simple tasks each day that help us reach a professional, personal and fun goal. At the beginning of every week, organize and map out three tasks you’ll do each day that bring you closer to your goal. When creating your list, start with the difficult tasks first. By beginning your day with a challenge, you’ll feel accomplished early on and you won’t have the chance to procrastinate.

Tips on Executing

Now that you have your goals written down, how can you ensure that you’ll execute them?

  1. Have Tenacity. Don’t ever give up! Even if you’re told no, keep trying and continue to gather more information. Learn how to stay focused when life throws you curveballs.
  2. Follow Up. Don’t let anything distract you. If something comes across your path that you think might help you, don’t hesitate to follow that lead. And continue to follow up and chase it. Don’t let someone else’s lack of response or support hold you back.
  3. Give Back. Do something every day that helps someone else. This will help keep you motivated.

For more information on Lisa Dietlin and the Institute for Transformational Philanthropy, click here.

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