President’s Message – Leaning on Community in Trying Times

Hope everyone is feeling well and staying healthy as even more change has happened. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, we are all at mission control at our companies making decisions and reacting to a daily moving target. I’m amazed by the different situations we are all experiencing.

Some of our member firms have slowed down or stopped while others are essential businesses. Some are working harder than ever to supply critical needs during the COVID-19 crisis. Each of us has unique individual challenges—none that we ever anticipated when 2020 started. This crisis has touched all of us in different ways, and there is no playbook to refer to for the right answers.

Thankfully all of our EFBC friends are busy sharing their experiences and learning from each other. My Forum Group, Sigma, has implemented Zoom update meetings to share ideas and check up on each other. As usual, we shared great experiences and ideas from the wise minds of the EFBC. It is in trying times like these that the EFBC community shines the brightest.

EFBC will be spotlighting the efforts of our members. Kerra, EFBC’s Marketing Coordinator, is writing a blog to share the innovations and experiences of our member companies that have supported COVID-19 relief efforts. You can email her if you are interested in being featured.

Since music is one of the most healing forms of art, it couldn’t be my monthly President’s message without my Rock and Roll quote of the month. This month it comes from the rock band Alter Bridge.

“I want to rise today and change this world.”

- Alter Bridge


Mark Wesa MKD Electric

Mark Wesa
MKD Electric
EFBC President 2019-2020


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