There is a Place for Contractors in Small Business

Leveraging freelance resources is no longer just for Goliath cutting edge tech firms like Google. Hiring isn’t easy and it isn’t a perfect science. Maybe it’s time to consider the hybrid option, the “try and buy.”

5 Lessons Learned from the 2018 Tax Season

We’ve worked hard all fall and winter to help our clients prepare for April 15th, but how will our collective efforts pan out? While the work of tax season is fresh in our minds, we wanted to share our insights… Read more→

Employee Benefits Benchmark Survey Results

Employee benefits are designed to attract and retain the highest quality employees. Yes, they can be expensive and yes, the cost seems to go up each year. If we look at the benefits as an investment toward finding and keeping the right people,… Read more→

Millennials’ Next Move: Management

Millennials – the largest generation in today’s workforce – are moving into management and are starting to create shifts in corporate culture and leadership styles.

How Much Should You Spend on Marketing in 2019?

Everyone wants to know: How much should I spend on marketing this year? Truth is, there’s no silver bullet that will tell you how and where to put your dollars. If you run a search on google, you’ll find stats… Read more→

Diversity & Inclusion: Perspectives and Choices

Josh Bersin, a Human Resource Business Analyst, has found the following: “Companies that embrace diversity in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers.”

Choosing the Right Trustee

The success of a trust strategy often depends on how well the trust is managed — and that depends on the abilities of the person (or institution) named as trustee.

5 Tax Reform Clarifications to Prepare for Starting Now

The implications of the 2017 Tax Reform are coming into focus as proposed regulations have recently been issued. To help business owners effectively plan for 2018 taxes, Cray Kaiser has narrowed down the top five planning tips that you should review and… Read more→