The Data Benefits of Treasury Management Systems

Treasury departments are becoming data-centric hubs, analyzing payments data to find competitive insights, improve liquidity and gain more accurate cash flow forecasts. The forces of disruption in the past year are causing a sea of change in the way corporations… Read more→

2022 Tax Planning Guide

Tax Deductions Without Itemizing Most taxpayers think they have to itemize their deductions to claim them on their tax return. However, that is not entirely true! There are certain  deductions that can be claimed while still using the standard deduction.  Here… Read more→

Keep or Sell Your Business

Deciding whether to keep or sell your business can be one of the most challenging decisions for a business owner. Some owners spent a significant amount of time and energy starting their business from scratch or growing a nascent business into a… Read more→

How Companies Can Mitigate ACH and Check Fraud

Companies are targets for ACH and check fraud. Here’s how to help manage and prevent ACH and check fraud. Check fraud and ACH fraud cost companies millions each year. However, with careful planning, company leaders can do a great deal… Read more→

Video: A Guide to the 12 Brand Archetypes

Archetypes are based on Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s theory that humans have a basic tendency to use symbolism to understand concepts. Jung identified 12 archetypes, each with its own set of characteristics, values, attitudes and behaviors. The advertising and marketing industry… Read more→

The Ins and Outs of Transitioning to an ESOP

If you’re transitioning your business to an ESOP, here’s everything to know about Employee Stock Ownership Plan structures, tax advantages, and more. For a business owner, an ESOP can be a means of transitioning ownership while generating potential tax advantages… Read more→

Why You Should Invest In Video in 2021

Think about how many videos you’ve watched on the internet this month. Or even this week! We’re guessing it’s more than you can count on one hand (or maybe even two!)   It’s predicted that consumers will spend 100 minutes… Read more→