Cobots Could Help Boost Manufacturers’ Productivity and Profits

If your company could adopt automation that heightened productivity and profitability, enhanced safety and paid itself off within months, would you invest in it? Cobots and their related technology – cobotics – are delivering those benefits for manufacturers. In fact,… Read more→

MB Financial Testimonial by Jay Skiersch

We started our banking relationship with Mike Moran during a difficult period of growth in our business. He assisted in our 2014 corporate restructuring and partner buyout by providing valuable counseling and establishing our initial line of credit and long… Read more→

Traditional Fixed Term Borrowing vs “Synthetic Fixed Rate” Term Borrowing

What is “Synthetic Fixed Rate Borrowing”?: A creative way of obtaining fixed rate borrowing at desired terms with lower overall fixed rate costs.  Rather than borrowing with a traditional fixed rate term note, commercial borrowers can borrower on a VARIABLE… Read more→