2 Critical Ways to Support Your Employees Right Now

In good times, communication and trust are important for success.  In tough times, communication and trust are critical, if not the difference between survival and extinction.  To improve your chances of survival and eventual success, it’s important to keep the… Read more→

The Illinois Tax Exodus: Stay Or Leave?

Do you know people who have moved out of state to save on taxes? Have you wondered whether a tax-saving change of residence might make sense for you? There’s a lot to consider, and it’s definitely not “one size fits… Read more→

5 Tips to Beat Stress

Did you know 80 percent of Americans feel stressed at work? Chances are you do too. Stress can present itself in many ways, like through insomnia, headaches and depression. Learning to identify the signs of stress is the first step… Read more→

Cobots Could Help Boost Manufacturers’ Productivity and Profits

If your company could adopt automation that heightened productivity and profitability, enhanced safety and paid itself off within months, would you invest in it? Cobots and their related technology – cobotics – are delivering those benefits for manufacturers. In fact,… Read more→

Introducing Gen Z

THE FOUR GENERATION WORKFORCE: The search for the TRUTH is at the root of all Generation Z’s behavior. Gen Zers see the self as a place to experiment, test and change. They don’t want to be defined by one stereotype…. Read more→

Want a Little R&R?

Who’s on your bus? Does your bus have the right people in the right seats?  Do you clearly know what seats must be filled in support of larger departmental and organizational objectives?  If not, recruitment efforts will have very limited… Read more→

There is a Place for Contractors in Small Business

Leveraging freelance resources is no longer just for Goliath cutting edge tech firms like Google. Hiring isn’t easy and it isn’t a perfect science. Maybe it’s time to consider the hybrid option, the “try and buy.”

5 Lessons Learned from the 2018 Tax Season

We’ve worked hard all fall and winter to help our clients prepare for April 15th, but how will our collective efforts pan out? While the work of tax season is fresh in our minds, we wanted to share our insights… Read more→