S Corporations vs. C Corporations Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act by Cray Kaiser

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is signed, which brings about a lot of questions surrounding future tax planning and the immediate impact on corporate taxes. In this whitepaper, Karen Snodgrass, CPA, Principal of Cray, Kaiser Ltd covers: The differences… Read more→

Cray Kaiser Testimonial by Jim Flanagan

I’ve been working with Deanna Salo, Principal at Cray Kaiser Ltd., for over four years now. Deanna was incredibly instrumental in helping Nuance transition our leadership team and create our shareholder buyout agreement. Without her help and guidance, the process… Read more→

Tips to Prepare for the New DOL Exemption Ruling

First, a little bit of background: The Fair Labor Standards Act sets the minimum wage, overtime, recordkeeping and youth employment standards for American workers. These standards are enforced by the Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division. While most cases… Read more→

To Capitalize or Expense…That is the Question

Businesses buy supplies, materials and equipment constantly.  Repairs and maintenance on existing assets also recur frequently.  How does your accounting department handle these outlays? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) finalized regulations in September 2013 regarding whether expenditures were considered immediate… Read more→