An Intro To NFTs

Technical Description of an NFT: A cryptographic asset on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. Let’s Break it Down: A one-of-a-kind token (or digital asset) that can’t be copied or replicated. It’s… Read more→

3 Technologies That Will Disrupt Your Business in 2023

Blockchain Most commonly known for its role in supporting cryptocurrency, blockchain can be most simply thought of as a digital ledger that keeps track of transactions. It is a distributed-ledger system for securely recording, storing, managing, and transmitting transactions. Because… Read more→

How to Prevent Quiet Quitting

While large companies like Ford and Peloton announce layoffs, the ability to attract great talent remains a priority for many of our members. And retaining our teams is an even bigger concern. Throughout all this workplace turmoil, a phenomenon called… Read more→

Helping Our Businesses Weather Inflation

As business owners, we are always tackling the next challenge. We’ve previously shared some tips on how EFBC members and other businesses have weathered the pandemic and ongoing supply chain disruptions. Now let’s share some suggestions on surviving the latest… Read more→

Now Hiring! From Anywhere!

We first spoke with Karen Snodgrass, CPA, Principal at Cray, Kaiser Ltd. and asked for her insights on the tax implications of hiring workers from out of state. What tax considerations do employers need to keep in mind when hiring… Read more→

Cyber Security and Emerging Tech Blog

This month we teamed up with a new-to-EFBC member, Matt Kaseeska, CEO of Net Works Consulting, to hear his thoughts on cyber security. In 2022, it is redundant to say technology has changed every aspect of how we run our… Read more→