Time to Update Your Productivity Playbook

You’ve undoubtedly had those weeks, maybe even those months. Those periods of time where your company’s productivity seems to be stuck in mud deeper than what’s left after a thaw from a late-March snowstorm here in Chicagoland. Ready to dig… Read more→

Meet Stella Gaytan, President of Bell Fuels

Bell Fuels Founded: 2021 Location: Morris, IL Tell us about your career leading up to where you are now: I spent 20 years as part of the leadership team in a service industry start up. I spent the early years… Read more→

Business Lessons from the Flight Deck

On a December evening in 1978 a DC-8 flight crew had a problem.  They were getting ready to land in Portland, OR but couldn’t tell if the landing gear was down.  One of the three green lights that told the… Read more→

Meet James McHenry of Widgeteer Inc

Widgeteer Inc Founded: 2008 Location: Crystal Lake, IL Forum: Flex Forum Tell us about your career leading up to where you are now: I am a 2014 Michigan State graduate of The School of Hospitality Business. Upon graduation, I followed… Read more→

Where Do You Get Smarter?

With so many platforms and technologies available at our fingertips, there is a whole world out there full of resources and places to get smarter. With so little time in the day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in your search… Read more→