Building a Family Business Philosophy: Roots Takeaways

At the Chicago Family Business Council, we define a family business differently. The way we see it, your employees, partners and investors in one way or another are family. Your business is also a significant family asset. Now more than… Read more→

Grants and Funding Workshop: Takeaways

Illinois saw three interest rate hikes this year and the United States saw the largest tax reform in more than 30 years. It’s important to stay on top of trends and understand your options for financing. Hear from three experts… Read more→

6 Key Steps for Preventing and Addressing Workplace Harassment

Harassment claims cause feelings of discomfort, damage to employee morale and hold serious legal liabilities. If someone at your organization reports an incident of harassment, it’s imperative to take necessary action. 6 Key Steps to Preventing and Addressing Harassment 1)… Read more→