March President’s Message – Making Decisions that Impact the Future

I was sitting in my home office (basement dungeon) struggling to get my tax prep done. While searching through a file cabinet, I found one of those fun to read old documents. This gem was 11 years old and contained multiple decision-making T-Charts on making a career change in 2007. A simple one looks like this:




This document, titled Should I Make a Career Change, included seven T-Charts of all the companies that offered me a job. This list included my current home Nuance Solutions. What really hit home were four things on the positive list for Nuance: Trust, family-like atmosphere, opportunity to make a difference and my gut/heart telling me Nuance was the right place.

What does this have to do with CFBC?

Everything. Now over a decade later, it was the people I put my trust in that introduced me to this organization. The decision to get more involved with CFBC was based on those same four positive pillars.

I would be happy to share my T-Chart perspective in a conversation at an upcoming event—there are plenty to choose from! Bring a friend who you think would benefit from one of CFBC's programs. Invite an employee to expand their abilities. We all have so many opportunities to make a difference!

Evolve by Getting Involved!


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