Member Development Opportunities with EFBC family

Members and non-members alike felt a certain energy in the room. How is it that a group can feel a sense of comfort in a space together?

EFBC creates an environment of safety across personal and professional topics for our members. This unique space is recreated at our WITT events, where a panel of members share an experience with everyone in the room.

Our panel featured:

Neil Houtsma, Nuance Solutions
Brian McIlwee, McIIwee Millwork
Don Wallin, Joule Technologies

Each panelist explained a situation they are facing currently or have faced in the past. They communicate how EFBC is or was a huge part of getting through it. Through their stories, the panel also answers the question that is always top of mind when a person is considering joining a new group:

Why do people join, and what makes them stay?

It’s typically difficult to hunt down the answers from an organization’s members first hand. WITT answers this question and more, while also providing an opportunity to socialize with current members, Strategic Partners, and staff of the Entrepreneur & Family Business Council.

Most people think that a new commitment means “I’ll have less time.” EFBC members will say that’s not the case. Though they are devoting hours to their peers at EFBC, what members take away from educational programs or Forum groups gives them the ability to solve issues more efficiently and with better success. Weight comes off the shoulders more easily, time is better managed, and the mind is more clear.

With dozens of programs held throughout the year, and countless ways to learn from your peers and in your Forum, growth never stops. We believe in continuous improvement. Members of your company and family have hands-on access to CFBC programs, so your teams grow too.

Protocol is an intimidating word. However, the communication styles we practice are extremely applicable in other aspects of life. Whether members create their own Forum groups in their company or teach valuable listening skills to their children, EFBC protocols make our members better communicators.

It’s not always easy to discuss struggles or situations with close friends, business partners or loved ones. It could be a conflict of interest, or perhaps you feel they just wouldn’t understand. Having the EFBC community at your side provides that safe space to share experiences, both good and bad, with a group that trusts you and knows you like family.

Members are committed to their Forum groups and to their personal growth. We understand that everyone must show up for each other. This allows the group to bond and have consistency in sharing their experiences together.

For most of us at the EFBC, Forum encompasses why we stay. Forums are groups of nine individuals from a variety of backgrounds, professions, ages and industries. The time, growth, applicability, clarity, and accountability all tie back to the experience of Forum.

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