Shower the People You Love with Love

Hello and farewell, EFBC!

I cannot believe I have already served a year as President. Taking a page out of Mark Wesa’s book, I am going to lean into music. I recently read an article by Vanessa Van Edwards titled “I second guess everything I say.” The title grabbed my attention as I have been known to second (triple, quadruple-double back) guess things I say.

I found the article insightful and appreciated her actionable takeaways. The first action item she proposed was finding a song that makes you feel like the best version of yourself and making it your anthem. As a champion of the “more is better” school of thought, I decided I would go beyond a song and build an entire playlist. Singing along to “Shower the People” by James Taylor I had an aha moment.

The wisdom in Mr. Taylor’s words: “Once you tell somebody the way that you feel you can feel it beginning to ease” reminded me of a recent conversation with Liz, EFBC’s Executive Director.

Liz and I agreed that no matter the subject, the anticipation of something is always worse than the reality. A challenge always feels a little less overwhelming after saying it aloud. I never realized how valuable that part of presenting at forum was until that moment.

Vanessa’s article challenged me to take action, and I want to pass the torch. I challenge you to say “it” aloud at your next forum presentation—whatever that thing is that feels too big, too embarrassing, too overwhelming, so stressful that it lives deep inside and has never been said out loud. I hope you use the opportunity that forum offers to release it, clear your mind and ease your heart.

The reason I have always loved that James Taylor song is the line “Shower the people you love with love”. It is funny how after listening to it and singing along countless times, it now has a new meaning to me.

I have a lot of love for EFBC and those that are part of it. One of those people is Neil O’Donnell and the energy he brings to the EFBC as the incoming President. Neil has been in forum for 14 years and his family business for 15 years. He not only has a wealth of experience and knowledge, he also brings immense energy to lead EFBC out of the pandemic and into where we are destined to be.

A final note of appreciation to my husband Justin, George and Kerra for helping me edit these messages. Your feedback and skill helped me better communicate my message. Because yes, I quadruple question everything I say and these are in writing forever!

Whatever your anthem, sing it, rock out to it, and dance to it if it helps you be the best version of you!


Nirel Inman

Nirel Inman
Co-President, Chicago Glue & Machine
EFBC President 2020-2021

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