November President’s Message – Evolve by Getting Involved

As we head into the holiday season (please tell me you are not listening to 93.9 WLIT yet), I just wanted to share a few experiences along the message of “evolve by getting involved.”

Last year, I attended Roots: A Course for Anchoring Your Business.  The afternoon was informative and very helpful for me.  The real win of the experience? I invited my wife Katie to join me.  She is a working mom, and her job at a Fortune 500 company is a far cry from the ins and outs of a Family Business.  Roots provided insight into how CFBC helps me manage the business and prepare our family for the future.  Katie left with a much better understanding of my involvement in the organization, and she saw why we are such a tight-knit group. There is a Roots course this month on Tuesday the 14th.  The value is incredible—bring a family member, business partner or friend to join you.

This month marks the Marketing, HR and Finance Roundtables, with another Sales Roundtable happening in December.  These meetings are a great opportunity to give employees a taste of protocol and allow them to share experiences in their given field.  Our CFO, Marketing Coordinator and VP of Sales have all attended and they bring back valuable information each time. Strategic Partners also play key roles as moderators in these meetings.

Brush up on your Forum protocol, Moderator knowledge, or just talk with new people at Community in Forum. Share experiences and a meal together, or even talk to Judy or Liz about presenting something keeping you up at night.

Of course, let’s always leave some time to have fun!  Our Winter Social Casino Night is Thursday, November 30. Join us in celebration and kick off your Holidays.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the events.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sean Hoffman
Nuance Solutions
CFBC President 2017-2018

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