ODEA Testimonial by Jay Smith

ODEA has always exceeded our expectations in every way. We originally contacted Patty and her team when we decided we wanted to sell new products in a new market. We figured we knew what we are doing when it came to our core products and the market we've been in for 36 years. However, we knew we would need ODEA's help in figuring out how to advertise our new venture. We're so glad we did! We learned a lot about marketing. Patty's approach is to not only provide whatever marketing services you require, but also teach and train along the way.

After the experience of working with Patty’s team to help us break in to a new market, we realized we should probably have her take a look at how we relate to our core customers. The expertise of the entire ODEA team has helped us see a lot of assumptions we were making about our traditional marketing strategies, and helped us see areas that we could improve. ODEA are true professionals and we have witnessed their expertise positively influence our business in ways we never expected.

-Jay Smith, MacGill

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