Presidents Message – August 1st

Wow, a month has passed already! It’s time to type another CFBC President’s Message. Is it just me or do the summer months fly by? Keeping with my themes of “giving thanks”, “evolve by getting Involved” and “family first”, here goes:

Thanks to my Audi Forum friend, Ken Pavett. He had an “aha” moment when speaking about his father’s health issues. He sent his friends and family an open invitation for Saturday night lake/river cruises on his boat, Unplugged, all summer. Just sign up and show up. So I did. I went with my mom, son, daughter and nephew. We joined other Audi couples and had a wonderful time. Forum friendships are fantastic!

On the “evolve” front, I attended the Sales Roundtable on July 18th hosted by our Strategic Partner Marcus Newman at GCG Financial’s really cool offices. A topic came up about mentorship. I had a shared experience of a retiring salesmen that spent two years mentoring a “young buck” to provide a win/win: a worker bee for the elder who wanted to slow down and a mentor to teach the craft of sales. Who takes that time anymore? Maybe we should consider it in our family businesses, I know Nuance will.  Here’s a shout out to my mentors, past and present - Neil Houtsma, Jim Flanagan and (as a nice transition to my “family first” topic) my dad.

In regards to the “family first” homework assignment from last month: so far I am passing. My son and I took my dad to the drive-in movies (his Father’s Day request). It was a double feature and my dad forgot his hearing aids. I don’t think it mattered. Pictures are worth 1,000 words.

Enjoy the ever-fleeting summer! A quick reminder of two CFBC August events: the HR Roundtable on August 9th and Community In Forum on August 30th. I hope to see you getting involved!

Sean Hoffman
Nuance Solutions
CFBC President 2017-2018

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