President’s Message – Changing Our Culture: Introducing The Diversity

I’m contemplating forums and how they work over time; specifically the benefits that I get from my EFBC Forum. It’s a huge cornucopia (like that scrabble winner?). It’s more than I could have ever imagined before getting involved with the Entrepreneur & Family Business Council. It’s what we talk about when “outsiders” ask what we’re all about. Peer-to-Peer support, person-family-business experienced as one. Could we get more? Could we expect more?

Most of our more established (older) forums seem to be comprised of birds of a feather. Folks in similar situations and positions within their lives and businesses. The commonalities and similarities of our opportunities and problems are comforting, enlightening, and useful. Very cool, but consider this:

Something very different is happening and proving to be even more useful in our newer forums. Diversity. And the results that we’ve seen are surprising and amazing. These people are contributing in their forums the same way we all have learned, the EI way, but from very different backgrounds and points of view. And the insights and experiences shared are broader and more thought provoking. Diversity, it’s very intriguing. I wonder how we can inject some of that into our well-established forums. I wonder if it would be more beneficial than disruptive. I wonder. What do you think?

Bob Carmody President Signature 2014

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