President’s Message – It’s Not a Goodbye, It’s a See You Around

I just cannot believe that an entire year has passed and my time as the EFBC Board President is over. It has been a busy 12 months filled with many accomplishments and a few goals still in progress.

My highlight of the year was meeting all the new members and the February kick-off of the Roots course! Overall it has been a wonderful journey that opened my eyes to the reality of how the EFBC functions so successfully with LOTS of people behind the scenes making it all happen.

It was an incredible experience working with the Executive Committee who are all very passionate about making the organization better and better each year. A huge thanks to Judy, Liz and Megan who make it look seamless!

Jeff Conner is the incoming leader and believe me, his intellectual and emotional wheels have been spinning in order to hit the ground running and I proudly pass the baton to him.

I look forward to the next chapter as Chairwoman of the Board. This means no more monthly letter writing, but I will see you around at the events and committee meetings!

Gina Krusinski
Krusinski Construction Company
EFBC President 2015-2016

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