President’s Message – July 3, 2014

I’m honored to have this opportunity to share my thoughts with you. Today, our CFBC is in great condition. Membership is growing  as planned. New forums are showing great strength and commitment. Satisfaction and excitement with our events is continuing to rise. Our financial condition and strength is healthy. Appreciation is due to our wonderful staff, all the folks that have chosen to be involved in our committees and to our Strategic Partners. We are all moving in the same direction.

Membership-driven and this strong after 20 years is nothing less than a glowing testament to the fundamentals that we’ve all adopted. If there is to be a time for celebration, it’s now. Next week you’ll be receiving a few messages from the CFBC containing details about our plans for this anniversary year. I hope it gives you as much pride and good feeling as it does me. One of the jewels that we’ve acquired is the Microsite specifically for this year.  It’s loaded with our history and strong evidence of our resolve to continue improving and understanding. It’s a joy, please take advantage of it. The microsite can be viewed here.

You’ve been learning about our Celebration Gala to be held on October 10, 2014. Please make plans to share that evening with us all. What a great way to express ourselves and kick off the holiday season with a bang! This celebration party is self-funded. Other than the time our teams are putting into it no CFBC funds are being used.

My Dad told me the best way to make and keep a friend is to ask them for help, for a favor. I believe that. So I’m asking each of you this favor. Two or three MINUTES of your thinking. Don’t you agree that there is no one better to know who should be members of CFBC than you? The power of our forums and the positive life changing things that happen to us all- we each know them. Who of your associates should be a part of this? Who do you know that should come and share their experiences with us? We’ve developed a program to help prospective members understand what we do, to answer the single biggest question that they rightly have: “What’s forum all about, what happens, how does it work?”. The “We’re In This Together (WITT)” programs are working well for this. Through these programs, qualified candidates are getting a solid vision of just how forum works and, from that vision, have been able to join us more quickly  than our previous pace.

We need your involvement in WITT.  It is a panel discussion evening. Three or four of us are interviewed by Deanna Salo in a forum-like way. We really want you to come to be on that panel. Don’t be selfish, share!  Please consider it and if you will, send me a note.

It’s already an exciting time, the rest of this year is poised to be fantastic. I’m honored and very lucky to be in this position  this year. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve. I couldn’t be more proud. I’ve adopted this phrase when thinking about us:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. CFBC, 20 Years Deep”

Bob Carmody President Signature 2014

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