President’s Message – Learning From The Best

Succession planning. This week, we had a magnificent Family Business Day. We learned from five 100 year old companies that are still going strong. What a wonderful opportunity that was presented to us all! Thank you to our very effective staff for making it work so seamlessly despite many schedule changes. We’re blessed to have this team, don’t you agree?

This leads me to succession planning for the EFBC. What do we have in place?  What is written and understood? I believe we are the shoemakers’ children. We help our members and apply appropriate council to those that haven’t put their own plans into operation. But yet, we don’t have a plan for ourselves.

John Friedman, our current Chairman of the Board, and I have joined together to address this issue. Our plan is to rapidly investigate several companies that are in the business of association management.  If we were to experience an event that left us without our professionals, what would we do? And who would do it? And how?  Being prepared with the option of having a professional company step in and help us manage this great organization just seems comforting to me.

Your comments and ideas are really important on this one. I invite you to tell me what you think, please.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. EFBC, 20 Years Deep"

Bob Carmody President Signature 2014

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