President’s Message – Achievements, Growth and Success

I am happy to report that the launch of Roots: Anchoring Your Business on February 23rd was a success.  Thank you to Deanna Salo, Dr. Harold Welsch, Judy, Liz and Megan for being a huge part of getting this curriculum off the ground. And special thanks to each of the members who attended the course and provided a lively exchange of shared experiences and thoughtful feedback to improve upon our foundation. This was the inaugural Business Families Foundations (BFF) course offered by the EFBC that highlights 12 Best Practices for family businesses; for example, communication and emotional intelligence, strategic planning, performance management, community service and many more.

We look forward to applying the feedback we received in order to make the Roots course more impactful each and every time. Stay tuned for future invitations to these classes including a special topics Roots course on Family Meetings next month and another Anchoring Your Business Course in June.

It is such an exciting time for our organization because of our growth in so many areas including our resources such as the BFF curriculum offerings and the opportunity for our Strategic Partners to receive the BFF certification. Beyond BFF we have changes in technology including utilizing HubSpot on our new website and discussions about an Emeritus Membership level for members who have sold their business or have retired. Notwithstanding the unbelievable generosity of time that so many members give to the EFBC.  At every meeting and event I attend, I witness the spirit that drives each of you to commit to the EFBC.

I am proud and honored to be part of it!

Gina Krusinski
Krusinski Construction Company
EFBC President 2015-2016

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