President’s Message – New Journey as the EFBC President

It is my privilege to begin this yearlong journey as the EFBC President. Those before me accomplished a long list of goals and thus I have a great expectation to make a mark. I have accepted the challenge and I am excited to make a difference within the organization. This role will push me outside of my comfort zone and that is one of the reasons I said “YES!” when I was asked to become part of the Executive Committee. Be brave!

My personal growth and development as a leader is important to me. Being a member of the EFBC for the past 18 years has created a wonderful foundation to tap into its resources in order to accomplish this. I have met the most remarkable people and look forward to meeting many others. A huge shout out goes to the TAU forum. Best. Forum. Ever. These friends continue to awe me with their support, kindness and honesty.

Gina Krusinski President Signature 2015

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