President’s Message: Looking forward to new opportunities

The holiday season is upon us and we will be closing out the year soon! Some of my personal highlights of 2015 include a few road trips with my kids to new places we had never been, the transition to a more pronounced human capital and management role within our company, established goals for succession and the long term growth of Krusinski Construction, a fantastic vacation with my mom and sister and meeting many exceptional individuals along the way.

The EFBC also had a great year as we entered our 21st year as an organization. We hosted some excellent programs including the management workshop in March with Dr. Rubin of DePaul University and Family Business Day in May when we celebrated 100 year old companies from the EFBC. Each program gifted us many takeaways that have helped us all in our journey of growing stronger in our personal and business lives.

Even better, we have many exciting things to look forward to in 2016. Later this month we’ll be debuting our brand new website - so keep an eye out for that. We’re hoping to bring our community even more engaging content on the new website as well as a more efficient way to register for our programs. Also be on the lookout for more information on a new curriculum that we’ll be launching in our partnership with Business Families Foundation. Courses will begin in January and will offer us all the opportunity to learn more about the family business structure.

I look forward to the great expectations of 2016 and wish each of you peace, health and success in your family and in your business.

Gina Krusinski
Krusinski Construction Company
EFBC President 2015-2016

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