President’s Message – the “Rule of Three”

HAPPY NEW YEAR EFBC! As we journey into the 2017-18 fiscal year, I would like to keep the message simple:

1. Give thanks:

Gina Krusinski, thank you for your four years of service to the EFBC. You have been, and continue to be, an inspirational leader. Jeff Conner, thank you for a great learning experience that we have one more year to strengthen. Liz Fidanovski, thank you for a butterfly year of stepping up and getting it done! Judy Hogel, thank you for living, fighting and surviving. Strategic Partners, thank you for all your educational know-how and support. Members, thank you for your trust in all the above. Together we all make the EFBC a First Class Organization.

2. Evolve by getting involved:

EFBC has evolved and currently offers so much to our members. With our Forums as a foundation, we can continue to build success in our family businesses with Community In Forum, Strategic Partner guidance, Roots, Roundtables (HR, Sales, Marketing and Finance), WITTs, workshops, Breakfast Clubs, socials and the list continues to expand! Don't forget we have the Summer Social Rock The Boat on July 12th. I hope to see you there. A second reminder to register for Community In Forum if you are a new moderator or in need of a brush-up on protocol. There are two CIF dates this summer before your next Forum year begins: July 13th and August 30th.

3. Family First:

A summer homework assignment to myself was to spend some quality time with my family. Taking walks with my wife without earbuds, bike rides with the kids while they still want to spend time with their Dad, and visit my parents to listen and laugh. We all work hard in our family businesses, but a healthy balance is key. I hope we all find that balance.

Have a wonderful summer!

Sean Hoffman
Nuance Solutions
CFBC President 2017-2018

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