President’s Message – The good, the bad & looking forward

This has been one of those normally good months at the EFBC, so I’m going to have another go at a “Best, Worst, Looking Forward” update.

Here we go.

The Best:  We had five forums go on executive retreat this month, which is about a third of our membership. As usual, I’m hearing great things. I’ve been on nine retreats myself. Whatever the topic, I’ve found that the opportunity to get away from my daily “whirlwind” to focus on the important stuff for a few days has helped to add clarity, direction and purpose to my life and career.

We’ve also had some great learning opportunities over the last month.  Our strategic partner, George Karavattuveetil of Psyched, LLC, led a highly rated session on “Exploring Individual Success." We all have a lot of roles we play in life: owner, founder, boss, dad, son, mentor, friend, and so on. George dove deep to help us define those roles and to understand how our performance in those roles directly impacts the family, employees and friends in our lives.  By all accounts, it was some very powerful, life-changing stuff.

The Worst:  A valuable member of our team, Megan Somers, has left her position at the EFBC as Marketing Coordinator.  Megan accepted a new position with strategic partner, ODEA, so you may still see her around.  It’s a great next step for Megan’s career and we wish her all the best. On a bright note, we’ve already found a great replacement in Kyle Wehr. Kyle comes to us from Butler University, where he was recently the Marketing Manager for Clowes Memorial Hall, a 2,200-seat professional performance venue. Please introduce yourself to Kyle when you have a chance.

Looking Forward:  This Thursday, we’ll be honoring Gina Krusinski as she begins her farewell tour on the EFBC Executive Committee.  Gina has done a great job for all of us and has been an incredible friend to the entire EFBC community. Before that, we’ll be diving into the topic of Intrapreneurship. Wouldn’t you love for your team to creatively and aggressively take the initiative to grow and improve your business…without your prodding?  Welcome to the club. If you’re like every other business person I know, you’ll find this to be a fun and valuable afternoon.

Hope to see you there.

Jeff Conner
Liners Direct
EFBC President 2016-2017

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