President’s Message – What Does Family Mean To You?

While driving to the office last week, I spent some time thinking about my family. Luckily, I have a large, supportive family including my parents, siblings, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and grandparents.

It does not stop with them… I include my dearest, long-time friend Jennifer. She understands my strengths and shortcomings and would do anything for me and my three kids. I even include my high school and college friends who lift me up from afar. We pick up right where we left off no matter how much time passes between seeing each other. These people know what drives me, what scares me, what makes me laugh and what is in my heart. Truly, they are all a blessing in my life.

How do you define your family? The definition is different for each of us. Do you include your co-workers, teammates, Forum group? Your in-laws, out-laws, neighbors, religious community?

Families are much more than groups of individuals. Families are the relationships between individuals who make each other feel special, help each other with achieving goals and who celebrate each other’s differences. The EFBC community is a family. Being a member of the EFBC strengthens and improves the ties of family by fostering development, growth and togetherness.

Gina Krusinski
Krusinski Construction Company
EFBC President 2015-2016

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