Psyched LLC Testimonial by Frieda Anderson

George Karavattuveetil of Psyched LLC brings balance to our family company. After the recession, our business had a difficult time bouncing back to where it once was financially. We decided to hire a consultant who would focus primarily on strategy and execution. This particular consultant wasn’t looking at our company as a family-owned and operated business, but as a corporate business with different hiring rules and practices (hiring by skill and qualifications). What our consultant didn’t see or understand is that family-owned businesses often hire family members not necessarily because they are qualified, but because they are either trusted or have been given the position because of their status in the family.

By the time George was introduced to us, we’d already had two years of working with an executioner style consultant. It took an emotional toll on our entire family. When George came in, he took the time and made the effort to listen and ask questions to us individually. In addition to asking us what we wanted for ourselves, George asked us to do a little homework. We each wrote down what we were actually contributing to on a daily basis to move the company forward. Could we do more? Were we the best fit for the position?

George brought no judgment into it, only facts. We were responsible for providing and analyzing these facts. What George did for us individually was allow us to be honest with ourselves and see what our weaknesses and strengths really are for the positions we have. As a family business, we are all in agreement that we want to see the business succeed. This means doing what it takes to either work harder and smarter or move out of the way to allow for change and growth.

Currently we’re working with both consultants. What’s really reassuring is that they are both moving toward the same goals and results, but have very different approaches. I would absolutely, without a doubt, have George as part of the solution for bringing unity and clarity to some very tough decisions that need to be made to move a family business forward.

-Frieda Anderson, Chadwick’s Surfaces International

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