Psyched LLC Testimonial by Sean Hoffman

Like many of our CFBC members, our company is in transition. We recently bought out a partner that retired in 2015 and three of the five remaining stockholders are entering the last five miles of their successful marathon careers.  It is our plan that I will take the reins, and that time is coming in the near future. There is excitement, fear, anxiety and a whole bunch of unknowns in the honor of running this family business.

An unofficial definition of luck that I have adopted is “when opportunity meets preparedness”. I have been given the opportunity to serve on CFBC’s Board. One of my first responsibilities of the new position was to prepare and perform a group interview with George Karavattuveetil from Psyched, LLC.  We met George and within minutes there was a feeling in my gut that George was someone that could assist our company through our transition. When the interview was finished I took advantage of my “luck” of getting to meet George in this setting, and asked for a meeting myself.

I have never had a professional coach before and didn’t think I needed one. Boy was I wrong. In the brief time that we have been working together George has had an amazing impact on me both personally and professionally. He is helping me to convert the fear and anxiety in my life into more confidence and a positive use of my efforts both at home and at the office. That balancing effect is still a work in process, but I have gained self-awareness that was buried under stress and doubt. I work hard and as the obligations pile up, it never occurred to me to work on myself. George has helped me to identify what is most important, and focus on what I can control.

George has also begun working with our ownership and leadership team with leadership assessment and strategic direction. His easygoing demeanor allows Psyched to dive right into the issues and have an impact. We are so grateful to have the “luck” of getting to know George!

-Sean Hoffman, Nuance Solutions

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